Brand U™

Brand U™ is the name we’ve given to our process for building and delivering brands, and while the Brand U™ name might be relatively new, the thinking and execution behind our process is tried-and-tested.

Clients turn to us when they realize that they may be missing a golden opportunity for growth by not fully embracing their brand’s key principles. We help take the mystery out of branding by explaining its purpose, revealing how it works, and demonstrating its ability to build equity, boost profitability and become every business’ greatest asset.

We operate Brand U™ in two ways:

  • When a business needs a new brand or re-brand, including creating the name, we’ll guide that business through the Brand U™ process to create, deliver and maintain a full branding program.
  • When a business wants to learn more about branding, we offer a Brand U™ day course that delivers a real understanding of the principles, methods and benefits of successful branding.

The Brand U™ process

Our Brand U™ process draws on years of experience we have garnered by working closely with businesses of every shape and size. It also makes the most of our talent and expertise in all things involved with branding – from clear strategic thinking and unforgettable creative work right through to intelligent research, watertight legal protection and effective brand communication. Most of all, our process delivers clear insight and an unmistakable brand that will take your business wherever you want it to go.

  • Brand audit
  • Brand research
  • Brand brainstorm
  • Brand strategy
  • Communicating the brand
  • Brand creation
  • Culture evolution
  • Brand implementation
  • Brand protection
  • Brand management